Vacation & a huge fabric shop

August 29, 2022

So this last week I had my first vacation that didn’t involve cosplaying in a looong time. I travelled to Vilnius, Lithuania and explored the city. I can recommend this place – there’s many things to see and the old town is full of pretty buildings and interesting sights. Also, the food is amazing – Lithuanian cuisine is one of my favourite, ever.

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about with this post was a fabric shop I got to visit. I heard about it a few months ago when I was at Comic Con Baltics (also in Vilnius) from another cosplayer, but since we had limited time and I was so sick I had no enthusiasm for anything, I didn’t get a chance to see it then. But this time, I did!

The location of the shop is… Odd. It’s called Danesa and it’s located near a big roundabout. To get to the parking lot, you need to cross through a gas station and then onto a gravel road that is just… bad. I’ve seen farms with better roads to their fields. It’s a nondescript building which, at first, just looks like a warehouse among other warehouses. No big windows or huge logos. There was a small logo on the door and that’s it. We took a Bolt out there, which is kinda like Uber, and I’ll admit, when we were dropped off and it drove away, I was a bit worried we’d been taken to the wrong location.

But we hadn’t.

And what the building was lacking on the outside, it full well made up for on the inside. I have never in my life seen so much fabric in my life. And growing up with a crafty mom, I’ve sure seen many fabric shops through the years.

This was two huge floors just FULL of fabrics and all kinds of sewing accessories. There were shelves upon shelves of laces, zippers, threads, buttons, appliques and everything your heart desire.

So many times, I’ve seen videos from LA fabric district with so many amazing fabrics and thought, wow, why can’t we have that in Europe. Well, we do – in a weird, industrial part of Vilnius, Lithuania!

I had to limit myself with my purchases, though – I had to fit them in my suitcase on the plane home. I had previously bought fabrics online for a cosplay, since I couldn’t find them in local shops, but all of them were just not right. I managed to find all I needed in this one shop, exactly how I had imagined them. I’m just sad I wasted money on my first purchases. Oh well.

The prices were slightly cheaper than what I usually pay in Denmark/Germany. I bought a thinner pleather that was 6 euro/m and a thicker at 11,5 euro/m. I also bought some jerseys for dresses with a thinner quality at 6 euro/m and a thicker at 10,5 euro/m. By the time I got to all the accessories, I must admit I was so overwhelmed that I gave up trying to remember what I might need.

Oh, did I also mention they had a laser cutter where you could get custom cut/engraved wood and fabric? Yeah.

Anyways, it’s definitely not the last time I’m going there! Below I’ve added some video clips from the shop – I didn’t even film half of it, but I think it’ll still give an impression of how huge it was. I also added the business card from the shop and my purchases. And you can find the shop online here, but I don’t think they have a webshop nor is the page even in English.

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