Although video is not my main medium, I do love creating video content with my cosplays.

This page contains a mix of show-case videos and more educational videos.

They were either filmed by myself on a tripod or by Zibartas Cosplay and edited by me with assistance from Zibartas.

Sprite Darter’s Wings

This video was made by Zibartas cosplay, but it features part of my work and me, so I’ll include it here as well. Zibartas made the wing harness and I made the wings and the rest of the cosplay.

Dreamwalker Cosplay Showcase

My showcase video for my Dreamwalker Druid cosplay for Iconic Cosplay Contest. Filmed by Zibartas Cosplay. Edited by me with assistance from Zibartas.

Dreamwalker Cosplay Presentation

My presentation of my Dreamwalker Druid cosplay for Iconic Cosplay Contest.



Wearing a wig with LONG hair

This video shows how I put on wigs with my 160cm (5’25 feet) long hair.


Nordrassil Druid Cosplay Transformation

Tune in to see all the steps involved in going from normal after-work person to a Night Elf Druid in a photo studio.

Lagertha Cosplay Showcase

Cosplay of Lagertha from Vikings made and worn by me. This video was made for the Gamevention Digi1 #2 online cosplay contest 2020. Video filmed/edited by Zibartas Cosplay

Feralheart Cosplay Showcase

A video showcasing my Feralheart Druid cosplay, created in 2020. Filming and editing by Zibartas Cosplay.

Cosplay smoke machine

In this video, I explain how the smoke machines in my Dreamwalker Druid works and how I put together the circuitry.