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February 14, 2022

For many years, I was renting one crappy apartment after the next in one of the big cities of my country (Denmark). The one thing I really disliked about it was the boring, white walls. Since I always had a feeling of it being a temporary home, I never painted or did anything to make it my own – when you move out, everything has to be white and plain, and I didn’t wanna loose my deposit.

Now I’m living in a house outside the city that we own ourselves and I can do whatever I want to my walls.

The people who owned the house before us were not very good at neither putting up wallpaper nor filling in holes from shelves etc, so the walls in my room were ugly from the get-go. It had a built-in closet that I didn’t like and when we took it down, we discovered that there was no paint or floor in that corner of the room…. We’ve also removed other weird things that were attached to the walls, which has revealed a variety of different coloured stripes and squares. One such was an old cable hider for antenna and internet cables that we removed and behind it was a very dark red stripe, right in front of my desk.

Eventually, we’ll redo the whole room, but since for now it’s just my craft room, I kind of like it not being perfect, because then I don’t need to be as careful about it. And also I can do crazy stuff and not feel too bad about it, because I know eventually, we’ll take down the wallpaper and redo the whole room.

So far, I’ve made a gradient wall and I just finished the Ardenweald-inspired section the other day. I still also want to add a Rapunzel-section. I’m keeping it in the purple/pink/blue colour scheme.

Anyways, distractions like this happen sometimes and put my projects on hold, but it’s sometimes fun to just do these quick but crazy projects.

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