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I have been working almost non-stop on Ysera to get her done in time for Genki con this coming weekend. I’d get up early, work a little while having my breakfast and getting ready for work, go to work with Ysera in my head all day, go straight home and work on my costume. I couldn’t even concentrate on other things 100%, because I always had this costume in the back of my head. My friend Michelle realized last week that she had been stressing so much over her Alexstrazsa costume, that it wasn’t much fun anymore. I realized that yesterday evening. I wasn’t having fun making this costume, I was getting agitated and a little aggressive and I just didn’t even like the costume at that moment.

That’s when I realized that I probably put a bit too much importance into this costume, and so I’ve decided that it won’t be done in time for Genki. It bothers me a lot, but while I could probably make it wearable for the convention, I’m just too much of a perfectionist for that. I’d rather take my time and make it so I am satisfied with it. Instead, I’ll spend the last few days on my druid – there’s a few places where it needs some repairing, and I’d like to make the pauldrons just a little more comfortable to wear.

So my updated convention plans are:

Genki  August 2013: Friday: Jeannie/Chii/Luna Lovegood, Saturday: Druid, Sunday: Jeannie/Chii/Luna Lovegood,

Koyocon November 2013: Ysera


Here’s a picture of my current Ysera progress:


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