Cosplay crafting & modeling

Designer by day, Elf by night

Hi, I’m Simone aka Skymone Cosplay.
Since I was a little girl, I loved dressing up and my parents would make me the most epic Halloween costumes. When I grew up and moved away from home, I needed a hobby and an excuse to wear costumes, and so in 2013, I discovered cosplay.
I work as a multimedia designer, so cosplay is a spare time hobby. I mostly cosplay elves from World of Warcraft.

Cosplay History

I’ve been attending conventions since 2007 and making my own cosplays since 2013. It all ads up. Here’s some stats, although I may have forgotten some




Hours of crafting

Upcoming Events

Sci-Fi-Con Randers

April 15-16th Randers, Denmark

I’ll be judging the cosplay contest at this Star Wars/Scifi-focused convention in Randers, Denmark.

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Gamebox Festival

May 26-28th, Herning, Denmark

A Danish convention/LAN-party that takes place in Herning’s large convention center. It has both cosplay, lan, merch area and many other events. I’ll attend as guest as part of the Warcrafters cosplay booth.

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Fantasy Festival 2023

September 16th-17th, Esbjerg, Denmark

A Danish convention focused on fantasy, books, magic, witches and roleplay, featuring lots of books, art, medieval market, events and author talks. An absolutely magic event hosted by Esbjerg Library. I will be there as part of Warcrafter’s booth.

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Recent blog posts

I post about conventions, cosplay progress, review cosplay shops/products and whatever else comes to mind on my blog.

The Sprite Darter and other projects

The Sprite Darter and other projects

As you may  have seen already, I added a write-up about my Sprite Darter cosplay. Special about this one is the fact that I collaborated with Zibartas Cosplay who made the wing harness. We made a video together about it, which you can see here or together with the...

Goodbye, 2022 – Hello 2023!

Goodbye, 2022 – Hello 2023!

2022 has come to an end and a new year means new goals, right? I'll admit, when it comes to making new cosplays, 2022 was probably one of my worst years yet. I'm not really sure why, I guess there was just many other things going on in my life. It's not that I wasn't...

London Comic Con Winter 2022

London Comic Con Winter 2022

I just got back yesterday from London Comic Con Winter and this time, I'm doing my post con post immediately!  In the week leading up to the event, I was nervous I wouldn't be able to go. I've been coughing and snuffy nosed since Yunicon last month, and although I...

Cosplay Write-ups

I try to make long, step-by-step descriptions of my larger cosplay projects so that other people might get some ideas how various things could be made. They’re not meant as a guide to copy, just as a way to maybe see someone else’s work process and see how others solve challenges.

Latest write-ups

They may not be the latest cosplays I made, but here are the latest write-ups of cosplays

World of Warcraft
Sprite Darter

Disney’s Rapunzel
Holiday Doll 2021

World of Warcraft

Free eBook

My eBook is a few years old by now, but it still contains a lot of information that might be relevant if you’re just starting out as a cosplayer.

The book describes different types of foams, thermoplastics, LEDs and much more. It is far from a full list of the materials cosplayers use, but it’s a good starting point to get an understanding of materials and their uses.


My cosplays

Here’s some of my favourite cosplays and photos.