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My old overlocker wasn’t doing so well anymore. Two thick layers of fabric, and suddenly it would go thread-spaghetti on me. Then there was the occasional random tension-changing problem… Well, that machine, I think, is old enough to go on pension now, and be replaced by the new kid on the block:


I was lucky that my local sewing machine dealer – the same guy who sold me my sewing machine – had this one in his hidden cupboard. It was actually reserved for another customer, but she’d failed to show up, and so he sold it to me – Reduced to almost half price, because it has been yellowed by sun in the window where it was displayed. I don’t care, as long as it sews, I won’t say no to half price brand new machine!

I haven’t had much time to use it yet – mostly because I already had overlocked all that needed to be on my current sewing project, but also because I finally got the materials (worbla) for my Druid Pauldrons and so have been busy trying it out. But I must say, although I have spent a LOT of money on this machine AND on worbla, I think both were worth every single penny! I mean, why else am I working 8 hours a day if not to spend the money on things I like?

Also: Going to Gran Canaria in 19 days, and I am just about done sewing the first summer dress for the trip. Excitement overwhelming!

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